Songs That Helped Me Survive Winter

Good afternoon!
I come baring good news – spring is almost upon us! That is, for half of the world. Today I am going to share with you 10 of the songs that helped me survive winter, because boy, did I need them.


  1. Buttercup – Hippo Campus
    Light it up, buttercup, get a hobby! The words of encouragement from this song have been a massive part of getting myself up and doing things this winter, despite the cold weather making me want to retreat into the warmth of my bed and be as unproductive as humanly possible. I kept spring alive in my mind with help from this wonderfully upbeat and lighthearted tune, so much so, I could almost feel the sun radiating on my skin for a whole three minutes and forty-seven seconds every day. It’s not often a song will make me smile externally as well as internally, but it’s hard to resist when you hear such a happy song.
  2. The Start of Something – Voxtrot
    Another upbeat song here to lift your spirits – and a love song at that. Poetic lyrics paired with themes of love (and loss – it is winter, after all) compliment the fast-paced versing of the song wonderfully, and I admire it for its simplicity. This has been quite a staple for me this winter, and I’m sure I’ll frequently revisit it in coming years.
  3. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
    I didn’t ever think a song could be ‘cute’, but oh my god Robin Pecknold is so wholesome, and it just beams throughout the whole song. A cheerful tune that sings of snow has been quite apt this winter, and especially once the liturgical harmonies fade out and the beat kicks in, well… you can find me like this in my back garden.

    (source: giphy)
  4. This Is The Last Time – The National
    Walking home in the dark to this song has been a quintessential part of my winter. Whether it’s been biting cold, raining, snowy, or horrendously windy, this song has been my beck and call. Unhurried in nature, the song tells of the dangers that love can bring, and I feel I won’t ever grow tired of its beauty. The deep vocals and the sudden key change towards the bridge of the song really enhance the strings that linger in the background, and the natural flow of composition is really challenged.
  5. New Slang – The Shins
    Almost like a lullaby, the softness of this track really struck a chord when I first heard it on my Spotify discover. Engaging metaphors meet with lyrics that recount simpler times, whilst maintaining a slightly optimistic outlook on the world, which I have most definitely needed this winter.
  6. Broken Piano – Frank Turner
    If you ever want to stand amongst any extreme weather phenomenon and scream a song, this is it. This is that lung-burning ballad. A song of heartbreak, damaged instruments, and a really, really good beat drop. Vocals sit at the forefront of the song for the first half, but once those drums hit, every single hair on your body will stand on end. Truly a masterpiece.

    me, listening to Broken Piano for the 4th time on repeat (source: giphy)
  7. Little Dark Age – MGMT
    This electrical number really shakes me into a groove and gets me in the mood to move, which is actually pretty impossible when it’s pouring rain out and you have a bus to catch at 8am. Sticking this Solid Bop™ on in a morning really starts the day off right, even if I do look a bit mental dancing to the bus stop as opposed to just walking like the sane human being I pretend to be.
  8. You Already Know – Bombay Bicycle Club
    Stripped back guitars matched with raw vocals really make for a chilled tune, perfect for listening to whilst you snuggle amongst blankets and make yourself comfortable. Listening to this song is as comforting as reading a book, and I’m not sure how that works or what I even really mean by that, but it’s true. I feel it perfectly defines the Danish word ‘hygge’.
  9. Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man
    All winter long, I’ve been kickin’ it like it’s 1986, man. I’ve really relied on this song to pick me up when I’ve needed it, and it’s so catchy that its effect is long-lasting. Not only have I been hyping myself up to see Portugal. The Man, but I’ve been hyping myself up to get to college, go to work, and function adequately. I feel like this is going to be a classic in years to come, especially following its success in the charts last year.

    (source: BBC)
  10. Hares on the Mountain – alt-J
    Sorry to say it, but this is only good thing that Netflix’s ‘Bright’ brought us. The film itself was not worth watching. Good job I’m a music blogger and not a film critic, right? Calming down is always easier with alt-J, and this song was no exception. Drummer and artist Thom Sonny Green lead the production of the track, given away by the synths littered across the track as the vocals smooth over the final product. I love the imagery produced by the lyrics, and this song has been my calm amongst the chaos.

In a bit lads,
Lucy x

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